Saturday, August 18, 2012

Retro Review: Adventures of Superman #605

Well, here we are at part three of our Mirror Mirror story and it's been a wild ride so far. In part one a mysterious baby appeared over Metropolis and started wrecking shit with mind bullet powers. Superman got it to his fortress to study it and suddenly Ultraman from the Crime Syndicate universe showed up. In part two Ultraman attempts to kill the baby while Superman tries to stop him. Owlman and Superwoman also show up but it isn't really clear what they're after. The baby then reveals himself to be the reborn Brainiac from the Crime Syndicate's universe. And the art by the late Carlos Meglia was so bad that I'm actually considering buying a ouija board in order to demand an apology from him.

Alright so let's dive right into this story. Baby Brainiac is using his mind bullet powers to wreck shop in Superman's fortress while Superman, Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman try to stop him. Brainiac reveals he is now inhabiting a cloned body of Ultraman so he has all of his powers as well as Brainiac mind bullet powers. It seems Brainiac also now has emotions due to having a biological body and he admits that clouds his logic. Owlman tells Brainiac he has a substance Ultraman is vulnerable to, and therefore also now Brainiac and threatens to use it on him. Brainiac panics and flees to the Phantom Zone. It turns out Owlman just had a pack of gum. Brainiac's fear got the better of him. Superwoman manages to get into the Phantom Zone and snap the brat's neck before Superman can stop her. And then pretty much the three Crime Syndicate members go home.

That's is? There is so fucking much unanswered here. What were Owlman and Superwoman doing there? They didn't seem to want to kill baby Brainiac, at least not at first. Why was Brainiac vulnerable after Owlman scared him? I can see why it ran but it seemed like a wounded animal in the Phantom Zone. This story arch really did not come together in the end.

Much as I fucking love the Crime Syndicate I gotta say I can't recommend this story. Pains me to say that but it's true.

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