Sunday, August 19, 2012

Retro Review: Avengers Vol 3 #7

This was a magical time for the Avengers. I still think that this Kurt Busiek and George Perez run is the best run in Avengers history. This issue is part 4 of a 4 part story that went through that month's issues of Iron Man, Captain America, and Quicksilver. Fortunately for those of us who weren't reading those books Marvel was doing gate fold covers at the time that explained the premise of the book, who the characters were and what has happened previously. Here's what we missed.

So like the recap says fellow Avengers have been suspecting that Warbird AKA Carol Danvers is an alcoholic and also her powers have been in flux. I'm not sure if they ever really explained why her powers were acting up, I think we were to assume her alcoholism was causing it. Anyways the Avengers hold a Tribunal in which they basically boot her from the team. No sooner is that done then the Avengers receive a distress signal from the Blue Area of the Moon. It turns out the Supreme Intelligence is up there with a bunch of pissed off Kree. They are planning on using some sort of super science bomb thingie to turn all the human beings on Earth into Kree. The Avengers get up there and of course stop it, because they are, after all, the mother fucking Avengers. Also while that's going on we see Carol feeling all sorry for herself and thinking how the Avengers are a bunch of assholes and what not. She decides shes going to fly up to the moon herself, kick some Kree ass, and when the Avengers ask her to come back she'll tell them to suck it. Great plan Carol. Too bad it turns out like this.

Yeah Carol your powers aren't working all that well remember? Oh, and as it turns out the moon is really fucking far away. Look on the bright side, there are far worse things you could have decided to do while drunk. Consider yourself lucky you didn't wake up next to MODOK.

Also it turns out the warning the Avengers got about this mess on the moon actually came from the Supreme Intelligence himself. Why would he rat his own boys out. Turns out he wanted to be captured by Earth Authorities. Why? Well, I'll let him explain.

Also we cut to Carol in a bar, she bought a drink and is just staring at it, unsure if she should actually drink it or not. I really liked this issue. As I said in an earlier post, the thing I love about Carol is how sometimes she is a capable awesome hero, other times she is a total fuck up. Shes complicated. She's human. And I love her for it. This was a great read and as with pretty much all of the Avengers issues from this run, if you haven't read it you should.

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