Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Retro Review: Fantastic Four #281

Remember when Invisible Woman became an evil dominatrix and tried to kill her husband and brother? And Daredevil was there too for some reason. Funny story, you see Hate-Monger and Psycho-Man had brainwashed Sue and they were doing something to the city to make everyone hate each other. She had a mask on and neither Johnny nor Reed were able to figure out it was Sue despite the fact she was whipping their asses with invisible force fields. Daredevil showed up to help and asked them who the 'amorphous blob' they were fighting is. Apparently his radar sense can't get past Sue's force fields. Reed the genius puts 2 and 2 together and realizes it must be Sue. So Reed tells her to shut the fuck up and slaps some sense into her. Literally.

Hey sometimes to win the day you gotta keep your pimp hand strong. Just ask Daredevil. This story is continued somewhere in Secret Wars II. This was a pretty decent book, but there was something off. Malice is masked and we keep only hinting around to her ID, as though it's not fucking obvious, as though she isn't on the cover unmasked. Were the readers suppose to be surprised? And also, while I guess its somewhat understandable that Reed and Johnny wouldn't recognize her, if DD can't 'see' past Sue's force fields with his radar then isn't he used to 'seeing' Sue and an 'amorphous blob'. You would think he would have known right away and been like "Reed, why is Invisible Woman beating the shit out of you?"

We would see the 'Malice' persona a few more times, mostly when we see into Sue's mind. Malice would be a personification of Sue's dark side. At one point Sue had to fight Malice in her own head. During Infinity War, Galactus was mind probing Earth's heroes for information (long story) and during the mind prob Sue had to fight Malice in her own mind. After defeating Malice she then absorbed the Malice persona back into her conscious mind.

Uh-oh. I don't like that evil look on Sue's face. Is this foreshadowing? Has Sue turned evil? Nah, far as I know (granted I didn't read all that many FF issues from this time) all that happened was Sue got a little edgier and started dressing like a whore for a while.

So enough on the history of Malice. Kinda got off on a tangent there. What about FF #281? Well, its a pretty decent read. I know a lot of people might raise an eyebrow to Mr. Richard's solutions to this, but this clearly isn't domestic violence it's literally slapping some sense into somebody and snapping them out of being mind controlled. All and all this was a fun issue and I recommend it.

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