Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Retro Review: Green Lantern vol 3 #73

Just to recap, this story is called 'Hero Quest', the premise is Green Lantern AKA Kyle Rayner is seeking out advise from more experiences heroes. In the first part Green Lantern went to Gotham to seek advise from Batman. Batman was a dick to him so he ended up getting advice from the golden age Green Lantern instead. In part two Green Lantern headed to Fawcett City seeking advise from Captain Marvel. Now Kyle is in Gateway City seeking advise from Wonder Woman. Our story opens like this.

'Im going to punish you.' Alright, I like where this is going. I always figured Wonder Woman was kinky. Well it turns out her and GL are having a staged fight and at the end GL ties her to a green construct anchor and drops her in the river, getting people to think Wonder Woman has been killed. We come to find out there are some alien criminals hiding in Gateway looking to steal an experimental warp drive out of a local lab. Wonder Woman stopped them once but after that they got away and have been laying low since. How aliens who look nothing like humans have managed to lay low I'm not sure, but whatever. Now with Wonder Woman seemingly out of the picture they attack again. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern show up to stop them, Wonder Woman takes on the two large brutes while Kyle takes on their female leader. Because Kyle was holding back against her the warp drive ends up destroyed. Wonder Woman lectures GL on how "Battle should not be your first choice, but once it is upon you hold nothing back" And of course don't under estimate a woman. Also there is a bunch more bullshit in this issue about the Darkstars that I can't even pretend to care about long enough to summarize.

All and all this issue is a pretty good read and definitely worth checking out. Part one is the strongest one of this story I feel, but as a whole it's still pretty solid. I guess the only question left is what did Kyle actually learn here? Well, not much really, except that Batman is an asshole. Although I suppose that's an important lesson for any new hero to learn.

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