Thursday, August 9, 2012

Retro Review: Robin #10

Remember Zero Hour? It was a big event involving space and time going fucking ape shit. It wasn't the best event in DC history but it did lead to some pretty damn fun tie in issues such as this issue involving a team up between the Dick Grayson as Robin and Tim Drake as Robin.

The story is Tim Drake is on the trail of a jewel thief named Chet "Weasel" Grimes. So Tim is beating up some thugs in a alley who are known to work with Chet trying to get information. Suddenly Dick shows up as Robin. The two argue for a bit, Dick thinking this other guy is a copy cat and Tim not knowing what to think until Tim uses some equipment from his Robin car to scan him and see this is indeed a young Dick Grayson. Sorting this out will have to wait though, Tim has just gotten word on Chet's location, he's hiding out in the Aquarium. The two Robin's confront him until he ends up falling into a Piranha tank. By the time they get down to ground level is seems he has been picked clean to a skeleton. So the two Robins are talking as the police are taking away the skeleton, when it occurs to Tim that that species of Piranha wouldn't have attacked him that fast or hard. He figures the skeleton was a plant from Chet he put there before they got there. They both find Chet in the closet. As they are cuffing him Dick suddenly vanishes. Before Tim can say a word the whole world goes white.....

A lot of the Zero Hour tie ins ended that way. The universe was destroyed at one point in Zero Hour. Long story, but the universe did get better. This was a great character study both of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson. It really demonstrates the differences between them. Dick was much more of a fighter, where as Tim was far more of a detective.

Definitely worth checking out for any Bat fan.

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  1. I remember when this story first came out. Rumors were FLYIN' all over the place!

    Batman would have TWO Robins, Tim Drake and Jason Todd. Todd would be the daytime Robin, and Drake would have been the nighttime Robin!

    Heh. Good times. :)