Saturday, August 11, 2012

Retro Review: Rune vs Venom

Recently I got my first bit of reader mail for this blog from a 'Moaning Lisa'

I really love your blog man. The Robotnik post was my favorite. I wish you'd do more retroreviews. Could you do one on a Malibu comic? I used to love those.

Well Lisa, far be it for me to say no to my first bit of fan mail. I've done a lot more Retro Reviews in the last few weeks, mostly because there hasn't been that many other things I've felt like talking about. As for the Malibu comics, I picked up a couple of issues of Ultraforce looking for one to review. I couldn't really make heads or tails of them to be honest. I can't even say they were bad but they sure as hell weren't new reader friendly. Then I remembered Malibu had a shitload of crossovers with the Marvel Universe (to the point where some Marvel characters actually lived in the Malibu universe, or Ultraverse as it's called, for a while)

One such crossover pitted Rune against the Spider-man villain/anti hero/mullet enthusiast Venom. So without further delay let's dive right into Rune Vs Venom. The story here is there have been a series of brutal murders by a creature everyone thinks is Venom because he sorta looks like him. And I stress sorta.

That is Rune with a symbiote. How did he get a symbiote? Well, during the Planet of the Symbiotes the symbiote race wanted to conquer Earth. So they sent a scout ship to Earth and those guys built Stargate looking things to bring in the invasion fleet. When one of the not-stargates was opened up it accidentally opened a dimensional portal to where ever Rune had been imprisoned.

Rune killed the symbiote worker's host and the symbiote took over Rune. At the end of Planet of the Symbiotes most of the Symbiotes were destroyed using some sort of, oh fuck I don't remember, for more on PotS check out Linkara's review. Anyways this one survived cause I guess Rune is such a bad ass. And he's been killing random people since. So Venom catches up to symbiote-Rune and they fight, also some SHEILD agents had been tailing Venom thinking he's the killer (good intel guys) and they end up helping him. Rune's symbiote is destroyed and Rune is pushed back through the conveniently still functioning not-stargate into his home universe. We get a little epilogue where we see Ultraverse hero Prime flying and some narration about how Rune is their problem again now.

This actually wasn't a bad Venom issue, but for being a Rune/Venom crossover it pretty much fails. I knew almost nothing about Rune going in and still know almost nothing coming out other then Rune is sorta a vampire and apparently a 'dark god'. Rune is barely important in a crossover in which he has top billing. This story could have basically been told with a dozen different Marvel universe villains in Rune's role. Also this story keeps telling me how dangerous and bad ass Rune is but it never really shows me how or why. At the end I'm suppose to feel dread for the poor Ultraverse heroes because Rune is back in their universe. As though when he shows up those guys are like "Oh fuck me, not Rune!", but from what I've seen they should have very little problem dealing with this idiot. Also why did symbiote-Rune have four arms? Rune doesn't have four arms. I mean sure they symbiote could easily make an extra two arms but why? It seems like kind of a random thing to do.

I feel like this was barely a Malibu comic, so I might do something like Ultraforce/Spider-man later. But for now Miss 'Moaning Lisa' consider both of your requests officially fulfilled.

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