Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review of the week: Avengers vs X-men #9

I really like Avengers vs X-men so far. And this issue is the best yet. I'm not gonna give a synopsis of the story so far, because first of all there is a shit load of stuff that has happened and if your reading this review I imagine you already know what's going on. The main thrust of this issue has to do with Spider-man keeping the Phoenixed up Colossus and Majik at bay so his fellow Avengers can escape back to the mystical city of K'un Lun where they are hiding out. This is probably one of the best Spider-man moments ever and certainly the his best moment as an Avenger.

Since being brought into the Avengers in a big way Spider-man has never really been used all that well by Avenger writer Brian Michael Bendis. He has mostly just been there to boost sales and crack wise. I know a lot of Spidey fans don't feel like he should be in the Avengers, in fact I tend to hear three main reasons why people don't think he should be an Avenger, so let me take a moment to address these and why I disagree.

Spider-man is too much of a loner for the Avengers. Why is this a criticism, but nobody seems to mind Batman in the JLA?
Spider-man is out of his league in the Avengers. Hawkeye is an Avenger. Not every Avenger needs to be a Hulk or a Thor.
Being in the Avengers hurts Spider-man's 'Everyman appeal' Spider-man's everyman appeal comes from how he handles the situations he's in, not the situations themselves. Otherwise he shouldn't be a super hero at all.

Alright, all that out of the way, while I do love Spider-man being an Avenger I freely admit he hasn't been used well as one. This however was amazing (no pun intended). Spider-man held back two people with god-like power to save his teammates. He stood defiantly in the face of almost certain defeat and likely death and he even defeated them by goading them into attacking each other. And he made smart ass comments the whole time.

This is Spider-man the way he should be written.

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