Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review of the week: Avenging Spider-man #11

This book is steering farther and farther from its original intended purpose. It was originally, at least as far as I know, suppose to spotlight Spider-man's activities as an Avenger and team ups with his fellow Avengers. Issue 6 is where it first started to move away. It was part one of the Omega Effect, a team up with Daredevil and Punisher, parts two and three being in their books. Well, OK I guess DD is an Avenger now, still seemed to be drifting off course though. Issue 8 was an untold team up with Silver Sable and Dr Stange. Ehh, well Strange is an Avenger now but this took place before that. To be fair the framing sequences for the flashback were about the aftermath of the Ends of the Earth story in Amazing with did feature the Avengers pretty heavily.

And now we come to issue 11, which focuses on Peter and Aunt May. And next issue will be Deadpool. So this book has gotten completely away from its original purpose and is now just Marvel Team-up. Oh well, I guess.

The story here isn't bad, but it isn't great. It's basically Peter and Aunt May at Ben's grave talking. They apparently do this once a year on the anniversary of his death. Peter tells Aunt May "It's my fault" and she stops him not letting him explain. You know I really miss when Aunt May knew Peter was Spider-man. Their relationship was so much deeper and Aunt May was a much more interesting character then. There are a few touching moments here as they talk, but for the most part it just serves to demonstrate why I feel it worked better when she knew.

I really did not like the art from Steve Dillon. The first time I ever saw Dillon's art was in the Marvel Knights Punisher series he did with Garth Ennis. I liked it in that book but I haven't liked it since. It has been said that in one sense a comic book artist is an 'actor' and Dillon is a bad actor. The movement and expressions from the characters are wooded, and the art just kind of has an ugly unpleasant style to it that doesn't fit the tone of a Spider-man book. It's not awful and it certainly doesn't lack in technical skill like say Rob Liefeld, but it just isn't very good either.

All and all I would recommend skipping this issue.

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