Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review of the week: Captain Marvel #2

I wanted to like this book, I really did. I love Ms. Marvel. I've always thought the character was just the right mixture of capable hero and fallible human. She's not a perfect, never screws up idol like say a Wonder Woman. But she also isn't a complete joke. She capable but approachable. She gets it done, but also really fucks up sometimes. She's the girl next door of super heroes. But this...fuck me, this is awful. In an earlier post I talked about how disappointed I was in issue 1. This issue is even worse.

The writing is just boring. And the art is just terrible. First of all the dark style doesn't fit the tone of the character. But also it is just sloppy and full of mistakes. Just like last issue the star on her chest keeps disappearing.

Story wise she ends up going back in time to an island near Japan during World War II. Beyond that I'm not going to summarize the plot because I simply can't pretend to care long enough to do it. It was hard enough to muscle through reading the damn thing.

Damn it Marvel, you can do better then this. I mean this is suppose to be your big push for Carol Danvers right? This is terrible. Don't buy this book. Just don't. If your interested in the character buy this or this. But leave this disaster on the shelves.

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