Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review of the Week: Venom #23

This book has a new creative team this issue and a new direction and I for one am glad. I really thought this book was growing stale. I like Rick Remender but this series has for the most part left me a little cold. The whole Crime Master blackmailing Venom plot was just dragging. Really the Circle of Four story line was my favorite from the series so far. It was a blast, like a classic B horror movie meets a Super Hero story. I loved it.

This story starts out with Venom meeting up a reporter for some information on the Department of Occult Armaments, an old Nazi outfit specializing in magical super weapons and shit that has recently been resurrected. Venom and the reporter have some good chemistry and I'm interested to see where this might go. So Venom goes into the D.O.A. headquarters on a mission from the Secret Avengers. This is strictly suppose to be a covert info gathering mission only, what they call a "Uatu mission" Of course that doesn't go well and Venom starts engaging. At one point Venom is attacked by a demon possesses man who suddenly sees the mark on Venom left by Mephisto in Circle of Four and says "Forgive me Lord" to him. Interesting. Venom then ends up fighting Hellstorm, the Son of Satan. Next thing you know Venom loses control of his symbiote again, which shouldn't happen after the symbiote has been 'lobotomized' by Beast and Hank Pym.

I really liked this issue and I'm excited to see where things will go. The reporter sub plot/possible romance could turn out good, and hopefully this story will tie up some loose ends from Circle of Four. Also there were a lot of nice touches in here that I loved as a horror fan such as when Venom gets into D.O.A. headquarters he loses him comm link with the Secret Avengers. He says it turns to 'static and something that sounds like babies screaming" Nice creepy touch.

All and all a fun issue and a good jumping on point (the first few pages do a great job of recapping the series so far). You should definitely check it out.

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