Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mega Man comic so far.

So I've had a chance to read Vols 1, 2, and 3 of the Mega Man trades. All and all this series is pretty good, but it's not nearly on the level Sonic's book is. A friend of mine loves to bust my balls on how much I defend the Sonic comic. "Its just a blue hedgehog that grabs rings and jumps on robots" Well, if that's all it was it would be a pretty stupid comic book, but so much more has been added to the source material, not just Princess Sally and the Freedom Fighters but also over the years a rich and detailed history of Sonic's world. They didn't just take the games and translate them directly into a comic book.

Unfortunately so far that is pretty much exactly what writer Ian Flynn is doing with the Mega Man comic book. This didn't really bother me in the first volume, in fact it seemed very appropriate to start the series out, but now with the third volume taking the exact same formula of "Mega Man battles one robot master after another, taking their powers as he goes" I fear this book will quickly get repetitive and probably not gain the same level of cult following of the Sonic series.

If your as old as me you may remember those little two page comic book style adds that would be in comics or video game magazines where there would be a page or two introducing the star of the game, maybe he battles a villain or two and then it would say "to be continued in such and such game" The Mega Man comic feels like that half the time. Take a look at this section:

I mean it even has Mega Man being observed on a monitor by the robot master and it looks just like the old Nintendo game. I know there is a lot more to the Mega Man games story wise then the original Sonic games, so Mega Man can get away with this sort of thing longer than Sonic would have, but ultimately this won't keep working long term. It was cute in the first volume but comic books are not the same medium as video games, you can't tell the exact same story damn near the exact same way in one as you do in the other. Vol 2 did a decent job of breaking out of this formula, featuring a jail break by Dr Wily and introducing a pair of cops that I don't think were from any of the games, and there is the upcoming crossover with the Sonic comics, so hopefully Mega Man won't get stuck in the rut of just regurgitating his games one after the other. Otherwise I can't imagine Mega Man will see nearly the same level of success as the other little blue guy at Archie.

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