Friday, August 10, 2012

Some thoughts on Deathstroke #12

Have I mentioned before that Rob Liefeld sucks a big fat donkey cock? I think I have. Anyways he does. Hard. So when I saw this hot fucking mess, written and drawn by Mr. Liefeld, I had to get it. I didn't want to, but like a car wreck you can't look away from, I was drawn to the disaster and next thing you know I was taking it home. Let's take a look at a few choice moments from this issue.

Do you understand what is going on in this panel? Because I don't. Is Deathstroke kicking Lobo in the face? Swinging his arms at him? All I can tell you is it doesn't make much more sense in context.

So a character that can turn into a lion is biting Lobo. Where is the lion's bottom jaw? What the fuck it up with it's front paw? It looks like an Allosaurus' arm. And how did Lobo get turned around like that?

Finally let's talk about Lobo himself. This story arch is introducing/reintroducing/whatever Lobo into the New 52 cluster fuck of a universe. For Lobo's 'redesign' Rob added muttonchops. Rob only really changed one little thing in the character design and still managed to gay it up. That's pretty fucking remarkable actually. I mean Jim Lee had to damn near start from scratch to gay up the DC characters he redesigned. Its like when it comes to story telling Liefeld has what scientists will one day categorize as 'anit-talent'. Like if you could solidly quantify talent, Rob's wouldn't merely be zero, it would actually be a negative number. Not only is he incapable of bringing anything to the table he actually can't help but take away to the point where he cancels out talent from other creators he is working with. In fact working with him for prolonged periods of time may actually permanently suck talent from other creators.

I'm not sure exactly what the discovery of 'anti-talent' will mean for the future of science. Only time will tell, but I suspect it will profoundly affect how we view the very nature of the universe.


  1. Would anti-talent be related to the Anti-Life equation? When DC decides to undo the reboot, will it end with Darkseid killing Liefeld to get the Anti-Talent equation?

    Lobo looks like some kind of "extreme" Wolverine or something.

  2. Chris, I have half-a-mind to take that image of Deathstroke and Lobo and turn it into a banner for the DC Board! ;)