Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The strange phenomenon of 'Bronies'

Remember My Little Pony? I remember getting in trouble once for putting my cousin's My Little Pony in the microwave when we were fighting about some stupid thing. Anyways as with alot of kids stuff from the 80's MLP is back with a brand new show. I think it's on the Hub, that's where I usually see it advertised. Anyways for the new show they look like this. With the new character designs it looks like they are trying to make them look sexy, sorta like Bratz dolls, which I guess is why we have 'bronies'.

About a week ago I saw a bunch of MLP stuff at a local comic book shop. I asked "Are you really going to sell many of these here?", at which point the clerk introduced me to the concept of 'Bronies' These are grown men who are a fans of this show. And there is apparently a shitload of them. And at least a significant number are fans because they whack it to them. I guess it makes sense, that's gotta be like Playboy to furries. Now, to be fair, some 'Bronies' enjoy the show for 'innocent' reasons such as being potheads or closet homosexuals.

I just thought my readers might like to be made aware of this strange phenomenon if they aren't already. In fact there is even a term for this fetish, clopping. Yes, clopping, thats what you call it when you rub one out to My Little Pony. I don't even really have anything funny to say about this. What could possibly be said that would be funnier then 'grown men masturbate to My Little Pony'. This is truly a joke that needs no punchline. 

And if any of you readers are 'cloppers' here is a PSA just for you, straight from the horses mouth.

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