Saturday, September 1, 2012

A father failed today.

I mentioned before that I have a comic book stand called CNC's Comic Cave at an indoor flea market. Well, today I was taking a break walking around, while my partner watched the stand looking at one stand that sold all sorts of non sports trading cards. I was looking through some Spider-man cards trying to find one with the female symbiot character because I'm thinking of doing a villain spotlight on her. So a little boy, I would say between 10-12 years old, and his dad came in. They were looking for the J's in the cards. When they couldn't find what they were looking for they went up to the counter and I heard the little boy ask the woman "Do you have any Justin Bieber trading cards?" I thought I must have heard that wrong. He must have said something else right? Maybe he said Justice Beaver, you know like maybe that's a show on Nickelodeon about a beaver and hes a super hero and fights evil raccoons or something. Anything. But surely this little boy is not looking for Justin Bieber trading cards right? "He's a singer" the boy explained to the woman. Fuck me that little boy is asking for Justin fucking Bieber trading cards. OK he must be getting them as a birthday present for his sister or a girl he likes at school or something right? Right? No, the kid continues to ramble on about how much he loves Justine Bieber.

At this point I look up so see them. I just looked at this kids father and thought of how badly he was failing his son right now. I mean do we as a society still understand you can tell your kids "no"? This father needed to look his son in the eyes and say "No, you are not buying fucking Justin Bieber trading cards. I looked the other way when you bought the damn albulm, I thought 'Hey we all listened to dumb shit when we were kids' but this is where I draw the damn line. As long as you still have a Y chromosome you will not collect Justin Bieber cards. And get the damn poster off your door too." But alas, the father apparently said no such thing. And that is why public school will be rough on that boy.

What the fuck would Justin Bieber trading cards even be like? Would there be a rare gold foil stamped one of him with Usher's balls in his mouth?

In other news of fathers failing their sons this happened.

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