Friday, September 21, 2012

Et tu Amy?

So like I said in an earlier post, I joined Twitter recently. It is turning out to be every bit the vapid waste of time I imagined it was but it's also turning out to be a fucking factory of disappointment. I'm a big fan of comedian Amy Schumer, or rather I was. She is of the rare breed of a woman who's actually funny. And not only is she funny, she's also brutal. Most of her act is about abortion and STDs and shit. So certainly this is a person who can take a joke right? Right?

Wrong. Someone made a Twitter account under the name of Amy Schumer's Vagina in which they pretend to send tweets written by Miss Schumer's genitals. The profile for it reads My hobbies are penis and HPV. That's fucking funny. It only has three tweets and hasn't even been active in months but it was still enough to get Amy all butthurt and she sent a couple tweets asking the person to take it down. Really Amy? You're gonna get up on stage and do the kind of act you do and then lecture someone else on being sensitive? Well, I can't just let that level of hypocrisy go unchallenged. So I sent Miss Schumer this tweet.

I'm a fan of yours Amy but if you can't take a joke you have no business telling them

And Miss Schumer responded by blocking me from following her. Or as I like to call it, pulling a Nostalgia Chick. Am I missing some sort of twitter etiquette here? Are you only allowed to kiss someone's ass when you tweet to them?

Now I'm not mad, it's her account she can block whoever the hell she damn well wants to. But as with last time I am disappointed. First of all, Amy Schumer can't take a joke? Really?! Second of all if this was so horribly offensive for her why even talk about it? All she did was draw more attention to it. So not only is this bitch a hypocrite, but also an idiot.

And I stand by my statement, if you can't take a joke you have no business telling them.

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