Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama's base.

Here it is people. The face of Obama's base. Look at that over fed, undereducated, government sponsored shambling beast. No, take a good fucking look at it. This is what all those do gooder liberal welfare programs lead to. The entitlement culture creates people like this. In no system even close to a meritocracy could this critter survive. Look at her and tell me you don't recoil in disgust.

If the Romney campaign had any balls it would be turning this video into a campaign ad. Any American with any decency left in them would be sickened by this.


  1. The problem with this is there's just as many of these types of people in the Republican vote and they're just as bad for the country as a whole.

    As for Romney, his entire campaign seems to have been a train wreck since it began, he'd probably have a better chance if he just kept quiet from this point.

    Hell, the only reason people are voting for him is because he's not Obama, which kinda says as much about him as it does about Obama.

  2. "In no system even close to a meritocracy could this critter survive."

    You're dead wrong dude, God can't kill these people with a hurricane (not through lack of trying), you think anything else can?

  3. Well, at least she got a phone :\