Saturday, September 1, 2012

Retro Review: Ms. Marvel Vol 2 #1

In an earlier post I talked about how much I love Carol Danvers AKA Ms. Marvel. I love how sometimes she is a wonderfully capable hero and sometimes she's a fuck up. She's human. This series started out in the aftermath of House of M. I'm not going to go into all the details of HoM here, mostly because I didn't really like it that much and so I don't really feel like explaining it. The relevant thing is in HoM Carol was shown a world in which she is the greatest super hero of all. So her motivation in this series, at least when it started, was to stop being such a fuck up and reach that level. Much of this issue focuses on Carol talking about her frustrations with her b-list super hero status new found desire to elevate that status to her friend Jessica Drew AKA Spider-woman. She recalls how earlier in the day she stopped d-list villain Stilt-man and he actually didn't recognize her which we of course see in flashback. Also she talks about how she hired a publicist, which again we see in flashback.

We then cut to her on patrol. She talks about how as an Avenger she would never actually go on patrol and how she prefers this because she can potentially 'find out where your needed before your needed" and right on cue a "giant green glowing thing" flies across the sky which she follows. Deciding she might need back up she calls Captain America (who is fighting HYDRA agents somewhere in South America) on her cell and we get this little exchange.

She can't call the Fantastic Four for help because of a fling she had with Human Torch and then she drops her cellphone. I love it. Well eventually she catches to where the "green glowing thing" was heading, it seem a small town is being overrun by Brood. Also the Brood have laser guns. That's bad news.
This was a pretty damn good issue and a great start to this series. If you haven't read it you should give it a shot. It's way better then Carol's current series.

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