Monday, September 17, 2012

Retro Review: New Warriors #67

Previously in Web of Scarlet Spider #3, FBI Agent Joe Wade has been infected with a nanite based techno virus designed by Lady Octopus that turns him into an evil version of the Scarlet Spider. He was confronted by Firestar of the New Warriors. After she burned him with her microwave blasts he turned silver and hit her with eye lasers he apparently has.

So part one ended with evil Scarlet Spider about to finish Firestar off and this issue starts with her boyfriend and leader of the New Warriors saving her ass. As the pair of them fight Scarlet they argue over ever letting Scarlet Spider on the team. It was Firestar's idea because she had a 'good feeling' about him. That good feeling however was mostly below the belt as she and Scarlet apparently flirted a shit load which of course pissed poor Justice off. Firestar keeps pointing out the obvious that this probably isn't the same Scarlet Spider but Justice is all but ready to assume it is since he already hated him. Anyways during the fight techno-Scarlet assumes an even more fucked up form.

Techno-Scarlet uses a sonic blast to stun Firestar and Justice long enough to get away. Rather then pursue thim they decide to stay on the bridge and help civilians in trouble. Some of their team shows up to help and Ben Rielly, who was at this point Spider-man, shows up and offers to help them track down Scarlet Spider. As I said last time, Ben doesn't want them to know he used to be the Scarlet Spider, but he keeps accidentally showing he knows more about the New Warriors then Spider-man should. We cut to Speedball doing some civilian stuff when on TV he sees Scarlet Spider has taken people at a local TV station hostage, one of whom happens to be Speedball's mom. Our issue ends with Speedball heading out to confront him and save his mom.

This was a little weaker then the previous issue. I feel like this was padding, like maybe this story was stretched out to three parts just so it could crossover with New Warriors in an attempt to boost sales of that book. There was a lot of that going around in comics in the 90's. There were a couple of things about this issue I didn't like. First of all we cut to Ben Rielly working at the Daily Grind coffee shop, when he hears about the evil Scarlet Spider he tells his boss Shirley something's come up and he needs to take an earlier lunch. She doesn't flat out say no but she doesn't say yes either. She is pissed and says calls Ben an "Ungrateful peice of trash." See when she hired Ben he was basically homeless, but I don't see Shirley calling Ben a "piece of trash" even if she was pissed at him. This character, from all I've read, was a very kind hearted charitable woman. It just really seemed like poor characterization. Also Ben Rielly kept coming across as both an idiot and a dick in this issue. I guess I can understand why he didn't want to reveal he was the Scarlet Spider, but you would think when he took over the mantle of Spider-man he would have come to them as Scarlet and said he wouldn't be around anymore, instead of leaving them to wonder if he was dead, or in this case an evil robot. Kinda dickish. Also if keeping this secret from them is so important then he's really bad at it. Over and over he kept showing he knew way more about the team then Spider-man should. Maybe subconsciously he knew he was being a dick and wanted them to find out. Or maybe this was just bad writing. 

Either way be here next time for Web of Scarlet Spider #4 as the New Warriors and Spider-Ben confront techno-Scarlet Spider, with the fate of Speedball's mom hanging in the balance.

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