Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Retro Review: Nova Vol 2 #2

I've always had a soft spot for Nova. He just seems like a fun character. He has a cool power set, his costume is well designed, he just seems like the kind of character you can tell classic fun super hero stories with. So when I saw this issue, with Nova fighting a Dominatrix, I had to check this out. I mean look at the tagline, Badboys get spanked. My inner Quagmire saw that and said "Alllllllright!" I hadn't read any of this volume of Nova before, but at least from this issue it looks like they were trying to be grim and gritty with this. Big mistake. I could tell right away during the opening scene with Nova taking on gang violence that I was in for a rough time. After that we cut to the Tailhook Killer, a dominatrix themed vigilante, who goes after men acquitted of rape and kills them.

"You weren't found guilty...that's a big difference from having been found not guilty" What the fuck are you talking about bitch? If he wasn't found guilty then he was found not guilty. That's how our legal system works. Maybe you meant being found not guilty is different from being found innocent. Dumb bitch. Anyways she's been killing acquitted rapists for a while. At first Nova is lead to believe his girlfriend is the Tailhook killer but it turns out its just some other chick who is sharing her mailbox for reasons that are never explained. The Tailhook killer is mad because her sister was one of the victims in the Tailhook scandal. Nova tries to take her in but she would rather die then go to jail. She jumps to her death and Nova's girlfriend also jumps so that Nova would save her instead of Tailhook. Why did she help Tailhook commit suicide? Because it was 'her desicion'. Ummmm OK, but didn't you go there to help Nova talk her into turning herself in?

Holy fuck this issue was awful. You pick up a Nova comic you expect some fun super hero action. Not a depressing confusing mess. Nobody seemed to have clear motivation except maybe Tailhook and Tailhook's relationship with Nova's girlfriend is never explained. Don't waste your money here people.

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