Saturday, September 22, 2012

Retro Review: Silver Surfer Vol 3 #54

Silver Surfer vs the Rhino? Doesn't seem like that should be much of a fight, and it's not. Our story takes place during the events of Infinity Gauntlet. A collection of Earth's super heroes, along with Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer are getting ready to confront Thanos. Surfer takes this time to fly around a little and do some thinking. He comes across a man being chased by a tiger. Surfer knows enough about Earth's animals to know this tiger shouldn't be there and so he figures out it came from the zoo. There he sees the Rhino, who is freeing all the animals. When the Surfer confronts Rhino to ask him why he's doing it Rhino tells him since it's the end of the world the animals deserve to spend their last days free.

Surfer insists that for the safety of both the animals and nearby people they must be put back in their pens. Rhino then shares his rebuttal.

To his credit the Rhino does manage to get more then a few good hits in here. But let's face facts, Surfer is way outta his league. It doesn't take long before Surfer takes control of this fight.

At that moment they both are stopped by the sound of gunfire. A police man has fatally wounded one of the tigers. Surfer uses his power to heal the beast and convinces Rhino that, for their safety, the animals must be returned to their cages. Rhino begrudgingly agrees and helps the Surfer round them up. The Surfer then asks Rhino if he will help in the heroes' efforts against Thanos but Rhino declines, saying its not really his crowd. Surfer says he hopes if they meet again it will be under less hostile circumstances, but they both admit that they doubt it. Surfer returns to Avengers mansion just in time to head off to confront Thanos.

This was a pretty damn good character study, both for Silver Surfer and especially for Rhino. In fact I don't think I've ever found Rhino more compelling or sympathetic then is this story. If your a fan of Silver Surfer you should get this. If your a Spider-man fan you should also get this, you've probably almost never seen the Rhino written this well.

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