Monday, September 10, 2012

Retro Review: Sonic Super Special #7.

I've said before how fond I am of the Sonic comics. And with Sonic's upcoming crossover with Mega Man on the horizon I thought it might be worth taking a look at another Sonic crossover, the time he met the heroes of Image. So let's dive right in shall we?

Fuck me this was bad. Where do I even start? Well, let's start with the cover. It's kinda boring. I mean it gets the job done, but compare it to the little pin up on the first page.

The perspective in this shot is a little disorienting but it fits with Sonic and his pals being disoriented by this new world. Our story begins with a woman named Particle being interviewed by some F.B.I. agents who are parodies/rip offs of Mulder and Scully from the X-Files. She talks about how she was using a devise to travel to other dimensions when she came to Sonic's world. She was tracking an energy signature there and tracks in down to the the Master Chaos Emerald at the floating Island that Knuckles guards. She takes the emerald home which causes the Island to crash into the sea. Knuckles enlists the aid of Sonic and his pals to follow her back to her dimension. Once in the Image universe they encounter Spawn.

And then Spawn leaves. I wonder how much money Todd McFarlane got for this one page cameo? The answer is too much. They then encounter Shadowhawk who agrees to help them. And on the way to find the Master Emerald. They end up also enlisting the aid of Savage Dragon and Union. I don't know much of anything about Union, but I do know there are probably Union issues in a dollar bin near you.

They track it down to, I don't know, whoever that asshole on the cover is. he has Swatbots working for him too for some reason. I gotta be honest I was really just skimming it at this point. Also the Maxx shows up.

That thing had a TV show by the way. Fucking MTV will air any piece of shit as long as it's not an actual music video. Also Mr. Maxx, let me answer your question with another question, why were you ever popular to begin with? And then Sonic meets Velocity from Cyberforce and they race or something. And then Knuckles uses his ancestral connection to the Emerald to undo all this. The Emerald is back where it belongs, the Island is no longer wrecked, and nobody from Sonic's dimension, including Knuckles, even remembers it happened. We see Knuckles standing at the Emerald saying he's not sure why but all day long he kept feeling the need to check on it. So Sonic and his gang don't remember any of this, how I envy them. The people in the Image universe apparently do still remember. And sadly so do I.

I'm not gonna lie I fucking hate Image comics. H-A-T-E it. Damn near all of it's founders too. I know Image has had some good books in recent years, mostly Kirkman's stuff, but almost all of the early Image stuff is dogshit. I kinda think Spawn is OK, and while I don't like it I have respect for Savage Dragon and Erik Larson. In fact Larson is the only one of the founders I think should still be getting work. And like I said I respect the heart and soul Larson has put into Savage Dragon for all these years. With the exception of Liefeld, all the rest of them are solid pencilers, but when it comes to things like writing and character design they fucking suck a fat horse cock. The only thing Jim Lee should be allowed to do is draw exactly what the writer tells him like a good little pencil monkey. You let Jim Lee have too much creative input and he does this. Image comics did so much harm to the comic book industry and to the super hero genre as an art form. Damage that both have still yet to recover from. I have a pretty long winded rant about how and why early Image sucks balls coming up, so I won't go into it anymore here.

Having Sonic crossover with a super hero universe is actually an interesting idea and with Marvel or DC where you actually have strong characters it could work. This falls flat. Unless your a die hard Sonic fan this isn't worth it. 

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