Sunday, September 9, 2012

Retro Review: Spider-man #24

I talked about in earlier posts how I love both Demogoblin and Doppelganger and this issue features both of them. We start our story with Peter tossing and turning in bed having nightmares.

Nice little fan service shot of MJ in her underwear. We get a couple of panels of that actually. Unable to sleep Peter heads out as Spider-man. We cut to Jason Macendale, AKA the Hobgoblin. He is also suffering from nightmares, but for him it's because he was up until recently possessed by a demon, a demon who has broken off from him and became Demogoblin. So Hobgoblin heads out with the intend of finding and killing Demogoblin. So Demogoblin, Hobgoblin, and Spider-man end up in a tangled three way fight. Next thing you know Doppelganger, who has been created and sent by the cosmic villain Magus to kill Spider-man shows up attacking Spider-man and oddly enough he makes this fight less complicated. Instead of three people all going after the other two we have Spidey and Hobgoblin, almost back to back with each other, fighting their respective 'doubles'. Hobgoblin manages to wound Demogoblin using a high tech gun he's recently gotten his hands on. Spider-man has managed to knock out Doppelganger. So it's just down to Hobgoblin and Spidey.

But Hobgoblin decides to take his last show at the revived Doppelganger then Spidey. Telling Spidey he owes him Hobgoblin flies off. Spidey decides something big must be going on and decides to head home to check on MJ and then go talk to Reed Richards. We get an epilogue of Demogoblin reviving Doppelganger so serve as a henchmen/pet.

This was a fun issue and one of my favorites of the Infinity War tie ins. Even though he had all the personality of a rabid dog Doppelganger was at least a cool looking fun villain. A character like that is kinda limited by the fact that he is a mindless beast but deciding to make him the sidekick of Demogoblin and later Shriek greatly expanded the kind of stories he could be used in. The artwork is solid, not great but solid. The writing is entertaining enough. This will never be on anyone's list of the top 10 Spider-man stories, but it's a fun read and is worth checking out.

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