Monday, September 3, 2012

Retro Review: Superman: Man of Steel #37.

I've mentioned in an earlier post how, while I think the Zero Hour series was pretty weak, it's tie-ins were generally a lot of fun. This one was probably the most enjoyable of all of them to me. Just look at that cover.

In the story Batman has contacted Superman saying there is some sort of time storm in Gotham. Metropolis is in ruins due to the Doomsday fiasco and Batman doesn't seem to know what happened and he also questions Superman's long hair asking if he's gone 'hippie'. I'm guess he's suppose to be silver age Batman.

Next we cut to Batman from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. His inner dialogue is all about how even though Superman has 'sold out' he still needs his help with the time storm in Gotham. Superman and the other Batman find and meet DKR Batman.

Next thing you know we encounter the golden age, first appearance Bat-Man, complete with his ridiculous purple gloves. Yes Bat-Man had purple gloves at first. And a hyphen in his name.

 You can tell the artist Jon Bogdanove was really having a lot of fun with this, paying homage to the many ways Batman has been portrayed over the years. Contrary to the cover Superman does not end up with a posse of dozens of Batmen, just the three, however they begin to switch versions on him, sometimes mid sentence. He gets them to Dr Hamilton's lab for study and they begin switching versions faster.

This doesn't make all that much sense and not much of an explanation is given for this phenomenon other then the general 'time is broken' concept of Zero Hour. But really it's not like Zero Hour really made all that much more sense either, but at least this is having fun with the idea. Eventually the three ever changing Batmen just up and vanish and Superman meets up with the real Batman who has also come to him for help with a time storm in Gotham.

This was an extremely fun issue. It never takes itself too seriously, it knows what it is. And as I said before, you can tell the artist is having a blast with the whole thing. This is my favorite of the Zero Hour tie ins and if your a fan of Batman it's a must read.

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  1. This was one of my favorite issues during Zero Hour. How can you go wrong with your two favorite heroes in one adventure? :)