Saturday, September 15, 2012

Retro Review: Web of Scarlet Spider #3

At this point Ben Reilly had given up being Scarlet Spider and had taken over for Peter as Spider-man. Our issue starts with some FBI agents investigating the rubble of one of Lady Octopus' labs that was destroyed in a battle with the real Scarlet Spider. Out of the rubble pops a Scarlet Spider who immediately goes on a rampage. After a while his Spider Sense goes off and he heads down into an alley where he becomes FBI agent Joe Wade. Wade had been a prisoner of Lady Octopus and was experimented on. Anyways it seems he is infected with nanites that turn him into an evil Scarlet Spider. He seeks out his partner for help but as he's explaining the situation he feels himself start to turn and runs off for her safety.

This is kinda interesting, it's almost like a symbiote, only made of nanites rather than being a living organic life form. Anyways it takes him over again and it's back to rampaging. He is eventually confronted by Firestar of the New Warriors. At first she thinks this is the real Scarlet Spider and he's gone insane or something. See, as Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly actually joined the New Warriors. But when Ben took over as Spider-man he didn't want anyone to think he wasn't the same old Spider-man so he just abandoned the Scarlet Spider ID. I guess it's fair enough if he didn't want to share that info with the New Warriors but he could have gone to them as Scarlet Spider and said for personal reasons he wouldn't be around anymore. Instead he just vanishes, leaving his teammates to wonder if he's dead or something. Kind of a dick move there Ben.

Anyways Firestar confronts the fake Scarlet Spider and he decides this situation calls for some mild sexual assault.

So she pushes him off of her with a blast of her microwave energy screaming "Get off!" To which he replies "Not yet, but give me a minute". Nice, I like this guy, he's funny. Anyways Firestar has had enough of this shit and hits this asshole full blast with her microwaves. Through the smoke surrounding him she is hit with some sort of energy blast. Our issue ends on this cliffhanger.

So far this is a fun story. The 'techno-symbiote' for lack of a better term attached to Agent Joe is an interesting plot device/source of powers. So what happens next? Does he blast her to death with his eye lasers? Does he give her the old Sue Dibny? He's a Spider-person and she's a redhead, maybe he'll sell her to Mephisto. Either way we'll find out next time in New Warriors #67.

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