Thursday, September 6, 2012

Retro Review: What If? Vol 2 #78

I always loved the 'New Fantastic Four' The story behind them is pretty simple, Spider-man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider were lead by a shape shifting skrull to believe the FF had been killed and sought out to avenge them. But it turns out the FF weren't dead, the skrull was just trying to...well...fuck I don't even remember. I guess it wasn't simple at all it was pretty fucking convoluted. It was fun though.

Anyways this issue of What If branches off in that story on here the FF were actually killed and our unlikely group of heroes decided to take their place to fill the void left by them. We cut to Spidey in the FF headquarters trying to figure out their finances and bills. Mary Jane decides to surprise him with her new outfit.

She spends the rest of the issue walking around like that. Fan service? Sure, but hey its harmless. Aside from narrating the issue eye candy is all MJ gets to do in this issue so let the poor woman have her fun. We see several scenes of the New FF out kicking some ass and we see Doom observing it all.

"And the whole world took notice." But see, that's actually one of the main problems I have with this issue, we don't really see the world take notice. Just Doom here. What do the Avengers think of this new FF? How do things go differently for the X-men now that Wolverine isn't around? We do get a glimpse into how Spider-man's life goes differently for being on this team, with him and his teammates making short work of the Sinister Six, but that's about it.

Eventually we see the new FF's headquarters attacked by a big Skrull dude and some other guy I don't know. I think they're some FF villains or something.

They also brought Lady Deathsrike and Abomination with them. And the four villains proceed to make absolute fools of the new FF. It's kinda embarrassing actually. And then Doom shows up to save the day. Because if anyone is going to destroy the Fantastic Four, ANY Fantastic Four, it's gonna be him.

So after that fiasco Wolverine calls it, saying we suck and we're not qualified to replace the FF. They disband, they end. This wasn't a bad issue, it was certainly fun, but it really didn't do a good job taking full advantage of the premise. And I would have rather seen them gel as a team and step up to the plate. This turned out to be more "What if the new FF tried to remain a team?" then what if they actually did. Also it would have been nice to see how this affects the Marvel Universe at large. This concept would later be explored again in an alternate reality story in an issue of Wolverine as well as a hard to find What if? Tribute to Mike Wieringo issue. Both of which I will be reviewing later.

As it stands this issue is alright. Not great but definitely worth reading.

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