Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review of the Week: Wolverine and the X-men #17

I was a big fan of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred's X-Force when it first came out. And like a lot of fans I loved Doop. He's a fun humorous character made all the better by how little we know about him and how much of an apparent bad ass he is. This issue takes a break from the Avengers vs X-men madness to take a look at Doop and why he works for Wolverine at his school.

Our issue starts off with Deathlok giving Wolverine evaluations of the school's employees. He says they are all hard working expect for Doop. And we cut to Doop at his job.

Wolverine just keeps insisting Doop is here for a good reason and "don't worry about it". We show in flashbacks that Wolverine hired Doop because he needed someone with Doops shady connections with "ears to the ground" to help stop some of the threats to the school before they start. We see Doop attack a Nazi Bowling League as they plan their attack on the school, we see him teaming up with Howard the Duck to defeat evil robots in Dimension ZZZ and we see him seduce Zoning Board members into not voting to shut down the school.

And that's just the half of it. Mike Allred does the art work and while I don't enjoy his art work as much as Nick Bradshaw's issues, it's certainly a step up from the issues Chris Bachalo did. This was a great issue and if you want to understand why Doop has been a fan favorite for all these years pick this issue up.

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