Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review of the Week: Worlds' Finest #0

Not content to fuck up just it's main universe, the architects behind the new 52 decided they should also gay up Earth 2, literally. This book, Worlds' Finest is about Power Girl and Huntress who were Supergirl and Robin back on Earth 2. They are currently stranded on Earth 1 and the book generally follows their adventures on Earth 1. But for the flashback zero issue we see how they met back on Earth 2. Its not a bad issue, in fact aside from what was done to Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy Earth 2 hasn't been that bad, but it's nowhere near as interesting as Earth 2 used to be. Also in the first issue of Earth 2 Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are all killed off. Apparently the writer can't use people who already exist on Earth 1. Because that would be confusing, as opposed to everything else in the New 52 that makes so much sense.

Anyways this book starts with Helena Wayne on her first outing as Robin. Her mother, Catwoman was hanging back to watch over her. Later Catwoman and Batman fight a little bit over whether or not Helena was ready. We cut to Superman, who is keeping Supergirls existence hidden so the mysterious Darkseid can't get to her like he apparently did to Lois. Then we cut to Batman and Catwoman both defeated by some of Darkseid's goons and their hi-tech weapons, Catwoman has died. Helena, enraged over the loss of her mother charges is and gets pretty fucking far in over her head. She is saved by Supergirl and that's how they first met.

Again not a bad issue by any means. For all it's flaws New 52 Earth 2 is still more interesting and a thousand times more coherent then New 52 Earth 1. But when I think, just over a year ago I was reading that awesome Power Girl series and this is what I get to replace it?

All I can say really is 'meh'.

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