Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review(s) of the Week: Spider-men #5 And Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hive #1

Check out my reviews of issues 1, 2, 3, and 4. This has been a fun series so far, but it definitely had it's flaws, chief among them being the incredibly slow pace. This whole five issue mini feels like it could have been in a double size one shot, maybe an Ultimate Spider-man or Amazing Spider-man annual. There's really not much to say on this issue. Peter, Miles, and the Ultimates confront Ultimate Mysterio and get Peter home. That's about it. There is an interesting bit at the end where Peter looks online to see if his world has a version of Miles and when he finds him says "Oh my God" with a shocked look on his face. Who knows where, if anywhere, that plot thread will go. This was a fun read, if you are or ever were a fan of Ultimate Spider-man you will love it. Check it out when it comes out in TPB. I wouldn't splurge on the hardcover though if they do that first.

I was a huge Star Trek fan growing up. As a kid I watched both TNG and reruns of the original show more or less simultaneously. I never got too much into DS9, through middle and high school I watched Voyager (although the ending pissed me off), I only caught a few of Enterprise, and I fucking hated the remake movie with a burning passions (but that's a topic for another time). Anyways one of the things I loved most about Star Trek was the Borg. The Borg were fucking scary, they were a relentless, seemingly unstoppable monster that could not be intimidated or negotiated with. And they didn't merely want to kill you, they wished to impose a fate worse then death upon you. Chilling shit. So I saw this on the racks today and had to give it a shot.

Our story starts out in the 29th Century, 500 years from the time of Next Gen. The Borg, led by it's king Locutus (AKA Picard), have taken over the entire galaxy. Bits of his individuality have been bubbling to the surface in Locutus and he is hatching a plan to use time travel to undo this. We cut back to the 24th Century and the Borg have approached Earth in peace, they tell the Federation they have opened a portal to another universe and unleashed an ass whipping race that they can not assimilate and can not stop on their own. So they purpose an alliance to stop this race from destroying everything. And to help work together they send an Ambassador onto the Enterprise, Seven of Nine.

This was a sore spot with me. A story similar to this happened in Voyager but at the end of that show there was a time travel story that undid the whole series (way to spit in the fans face there). Seven had been saved from the collective so seeing her still a Borg reminds me of one of my least favorite chapters in Trek history.

Also we cut to the future and Locutus has rebuilt Data, apparently his mind was stored in the collective and Locutus needs his help with his plan to undo this terrible future.

All and all a pretty interesting story so far, and if your a Trek fan you should check it out. On the back cover however there was an ominous warning. Something far more chilling than the Borg is coming to your comic book shop this November.

The Bronies are coming! Heaven help us all.

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