Saturday, September 8, 2012

TV Review: Sliders

I've talked before about how the idea of parallel universes is one of my favorite concepts in science fiction. So it should come as no surprise that when it first came out Sliders was my favorite fucking show. It was one of those shows I used to tape on my VCR and watch over and over again before the next episode aired. The show aired for 5 seasons but really only the first two are worth checking out.
The premise is simple. Physicist student Quinn, played by the fat kid from Stand by Me, has created a devise that can travel between parallel universes. So after a few tests he decides to demonstrate it to his friend/girl he secretly wants to bang Wade Wells (I've created a device that gives me access to other universes, now how bout givin me access to that ass?) and his Professor Maximillian Arturo (give me a B- will ya?) who's played by the always awesome John Rhys-Davies, and also washed up B list singer Rembrandt "Cryin' Man" Brown (the black guy) gets accidentally sucked into the portal as well. They end up on a planet that seems to be in an ice age and to keep from freezing to death Quinn speeds up the timer on his little portal making remote to reopen the portal sooner. Well this totally fucks the thing up and now each portal sends them to a random world, and the next one won't open for a random period of time. Could be two minutes could be two weeks. And hi jinks ensue as they travel from world to world hoping the next one is home.
This show had two pretty solid seasons. But by the end of the second season Fox Network higher ups had begun dicking with the show and things began to go off the rails. This caused John Rhys-Davies to say "Fuck this!" and leave the show and he was replaced with some bitch from some world who was tagging along with them. After the sad third season Fox canned it.
Then it was picked up by Sci-Fi Channel. And the great minds who gave the world Sharktopus ran this show even further into the fucking dirt. By the time it was given the final ax after the 5th season only the black guy remained of the original cast and the shows death could be pretty definitively be called a mercy killing.
Currently the Hub is rerunning the show and I recommend checking it out. The show has it's flaws, especially how poorly some of the effects aged (the Sliding device looks like my Comcast remote) but the first two seasons at least are totally worth checking out if you've never seen them.

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