Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Villain Spotlight: Leather and Lace.

Who the fuck are Leather and Lace you ask? Leather and Lace were two villains who fought Black Cat in a back up story in the Web of Spider-man Super Special from 1995. Lace can fly and emit blinding light and Leather is super strong and has metal claws she uses for attacking an climbing.

They appeared in that one little story and no where else. I actually kinda liked these characters, at least based on what little we actually saw. I thought their gimmicks together made an interesting pair and it seemed to be hinted around that they were lesbians. Now this was back before every other comic book on the fucking racks had to have a gay character.

You would think with gay characters being such a hot fucking trend in comics someone might dust these characters off. But I guess having such obvious butch and femme lezzies isn't exactly P.C. enough.

Personally I think these characters are perfect foils for Deadpool. Why Deadpool? Deadpool is a ultra violent character with a comedic edge. An issue with Deadpool going up against these two could be damn funny. Somehow I doubt Marvel actually would have the stones to dare handle gay characters in a non P.C. way. The Rainbow Mafia would be all over them.

So Leather and Lace will most likely stay in limbo.

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