Sunday, September 2, 2012

Villain Spotlight: Scream/Female Symbiote

Donna Diego was employed by the Life Foundation and bonded with a symbiote forcefully spawned from Venom to be a security enforcer for them. She was one of five symbiote equipped enforcers for the Life Foundation. And yet this one is probably the most memorable. 

This is a strange character. She doesn't even really have a name. She's often referred to as the female symbiote. That's kinda a misnomer, the symbiote is actually asexual, it's merely the bearer who is female. Sometimes she's referred to as Scream, but as far as I know she isn't referred to as scream anywhere in the comic book. The name scream actually came from her appearance in the Sega Genisis/SNES video game Separation Anxiety.

That game was a lot of fun by the way. She also appeared as one of the villains in The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride at the Universal Islands of Adventure theme park in Florida. That's a lot of exposure for a pretty insignificant character that never even really had a name. So why has a basically nameless character had such an impact.

In a pretty interesting video, Nostalgia Chick talked about what she called 'the Smurfette Principal' (I know it might seem odd to praise a Nostalgia Chick vid after criticizing her just recently but I gotta give credit where it's due) this video pretty much discussed how common it is to make female versions of male characters and this is of course common in comics, Superman-Supergirl, Batman-Batgirl etc etc. So this character serves as the girl version of Venom/Carnage. But that can't be all of it, I mean there was another female symbiote character in the 5.

But that one didn't stick around long. In fact the other four symbiotes all took the same host and he called himself Hybrid. So why did this 'female symbiote' last and the other didn't. Well I think it also comes down to character design. I mean look at her.

That looks pretty bad ass. The yellow with the black and just a little bit of red is a great color scheme. And the hair forming into tendrils is a great effect. But this was always a character they never really knew what to do with. Because of the marketability of her character design I'm willing to bet we will continue to see her pop up in toys, video games, and other Spider-man media and merchandise despite her being so unimportant in the comic book itself. Perhaps Marvel should make a real effort to take this awesome character design and actually add some character to it. For some reason though I doubt they will.

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  1. Scream showed up in the recent Symbiote related galut of comic books... And died. Someone (Eddie Brock?) torched the Symbiote and Donna and they both got confirmed as toasted. :(

    I really like Scream. She was ruined by endless appeareances in Venom's rubbish series for a while and never appeared again, but she was fun enough whilst she lasted. Always felt she could have stepped into Carnage's shoes post New Avengers and the Sentry-copying-She-Hulk-in-Dissassembled incident. :)