Monday, October 8, 2012

Cop shoots and kills streaking college student. Gets vacation.

So a cop out in Alabama shot and killed a college student who was running around naked, probably streaking or some crap. The cop claimed the student took a "fighting stance" and charged him and rather than hit the kid with a nightstick or pepper spray him he shot and killed him. Until the investigation is finished the cop has been suspended with pay. Only in the world of government employees is not having to go to work but still getting paid considered disciplinary action. In the private sector we call those vacation days.

I want to be fair here, I imagine a naked guy running towards you is a bit unnerving, but you're a cop, you're expected to keep your cool. And I'm sorry but in what world was shooting this guy necessary? The cop knew for a fact he was unarmed, he was fucking naked. Just hit his dumb ass with a nightstick or pepper spray him, what the fuck do you need to pull your gun out for? Cops used to just fucking tackle you and maybe beat the crap out of you with a nightstick for streaking, now they go all fucking Judge Dredd on your ass.

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