Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bechtloff Movie Night: Corpse Bride. (2005)

Well, Halloween is tomorrow. I for one can't wait. I've taken a look at a few horror movies this month, Jason X, Jennifer's Body, the Nightmare on Elm Street remakeThe Exorcism of Emily Rose, Return of the Living Dead 3, Cube, the Silent Hill movie, and Signs. Now let's look at something that, while not a horror or slasher movie, is definitely Halloween themed, Corpse Bride.

I don't think I can talk about this movie without talking about Tim Burton first, because this movie has his dick prints all over it. Personally I like Tim Burton, at least for the most part. I get why a lot of people don't like him though, he can be in many ways a one trick pony. And it's arguably obnoxious for a director to have a visual style so overwhelming that you can look at two seconds of any Tim Burton movie and know instantly it's a Tim Burton movie. It's like a painter who's signature is bigger then his painting. And personally I don't think Burton should ever be allowed to do any more movie adaptations of pre existing material like books or TV shows as he has made it abundantly clear that rather then even attempting to respect the source material he will mangle it into his own image. The only possible exception is 1989's Batman, and that was because the movie studio kept him on a short leash. For Batman Returns they let him do whatever he wanted and what a mess that was.

But for all his short comings, the man does truly produce some memorable and sometimes amazing movies. And I feel Corpse Bride is one of his best. The story is of a young timid man named Victor who flees a current engagement and ends up accidently engaged to the titular Corpse Bride. He gets dragged into the land of the dead and all kinds of adventure ensues from this wacky Three's Company like supernatural misunderstanding.

The visuals are amazing. The movie is done in stop motion animation. I've always been a fan of stop motion, you don't see it that often anymore as many studios consider quality stop motion to be cost prohibitive. A lot of the feel of land of the dead in this movie remind me of the old Beetlejuice cartoon, I have to wonder if that was an inspiration to Burton for this.

Despite the macabre subject matter this is actually a very light hearted, even romantic story. A lot of people with Burton fatigue may have passed on this when it came out, but I recommend giving it a shot if you've never watched it. I consider it a classic.

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