Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bechtloff Movie Night: Freddy vs Jason (2003)

Happy Halloween everyone! So I've looked at quite a few horror/slasher/Halloween themed movies this month and figured I would top it off by taking a look at my all time favorite slasher movie, Freddy vs Jason.

I mentioned here before that I fucking love Freddy. There is something about that character as played by Robert Englund that is just such an incredible mix of humor and horror that I just love. Jason I could take or leave to be honest. I mean my favorite Jason movie, aside from this one, is Jason X so clearly I'm not in line with the Jason fan boys. I do feel this movie did a pretty good job of representing both franchises pretty well, certainly it nailed Freddy in my mind.

The story here is that the town of Springwood has managed to pretty much lock Freddy in his dream realm. They have erased all trace of Freddy from the towns history and even prescribe many of their children a drug that keeps them from dreaming. Freddy, being a being who feeds off fear, has found himself essentially neutered by this. So he decides to invade the dreams of Jason, who is slumbering at the bottom of Crystal Lake, to get him to go to Springwood and start killing. This will reawaken the towns fear of Freddy thus returning his power. However once his power is returned he finds Jason is killing teenagers before Freddy can and the two inevitably clash. Freddy takes over one kids body through his dreams to inject Jason with heavy tranquilizers in an attempt to kill Jason through his dreams. The teenagers, lead by Lori Campbell (it's always a girl that takes down Freddy isn't it?) figure out the old trick of bringing Freddy into the waking realm by grabbing him in her dream. This leads to a clash by Camp Crystal Lake in which Freddy and Jason fight.

This movie absolutely rocked. I still watch it every Halloween. This was, and will most likely remain, the last Freddy movie Robert Englund did and I can't think of a more fitting send off for that incarnation of the character then this joy of a movie.

Interesting side note, after seeing it for the first time it took me forever to figure out where I saw the black girl in this movie from. It was Kelly Rowland, from Destiny's Child. This was her first movie, don't remember seeing her since though.

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