Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maybe now Star Wars will stop sucking so bad.

So by now you've probably heard that George Lucas sold LucasFilm, and by extension Star Wars, to Disney. I for one am very cautiously optimistic about this, I think it might, and I stress might, lead to Star Wars movies that don't suck a big fat cock. And that would be a first in about three decades now wouldn't it?

Lucas is a fucking hack. Yeah I said it. Sure I like the original trilogy, even if I think it's a touch overrated, but damn near every awesome thing about it was lifted from old westerns and samurai movies. You know what happens when Lucas isn't ripping things off, when a Star Wars movie is 100% Lucas? You get Episode I.

So maybe the people Disney will put in charge of Star Wars will recapture some of the original magic. Then again maybe they won't, maybe they will be just as bad as Lucas, maybe even worse. But at least now there's a chance it will be good again.

We'll find out, until then I remain cautiously optimistic.

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