Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Retro Review: Amazon #1

In my last couple of Retro Reviews I took a look at the Amalgam one shots Legends of the Dark Claw and Super Soldier, this time we will look at the Wonder Woman + Storm Amalgam, Amazon.

This character's official name seems to be Wonder Woman. But she is sometimes referred to by other characters as Amazon. The origin of Amazon is pretty simply, Ororo, AKA Storm, ends up washed up on the Amazon's island as a child and is raised by them. When it came time for the contest of who will become Wonder Woman, Ororo's mutant weather powers gave her the edge to win. So this character isn't so much a combination of Storm and Wonder Woman as she is just Storm in Wonder Woman's role. In fact Diana does exist in this universe and even has a romantic relationship with a Punisher+Steve Trevor amalgam in the Bullets and Bracelets Amalgam one shot. So aside from the origin, the story here is pretty much that Poseidon is being an asshole, as Greek Gods tend to do, and Wonder Woman confronts him. It doesn't go well for her. 

Oh shit. You better hope Poseidon isn't a hentai fan Ororo. Anyways we come to find out that it was Poseidon who sank the ship that had Ororo and her parents on it when she was a child. Apparently Ororo's father had found one of Poseidon's little gold statues and wanted to get it to a museum. Ororo calls Poseidon a fool, reminding him how most of mankind has forgotten about him and the rest of his pantheon and here was a man who sought to rekindle interest in the Greek Gods and you lashed out at him like he was a common thief. Poseidon admits he's been a tool and let's Wonder Woman go.

This issue was written and drawn by John Byrne and it reads like a damn good Wonder Woman elseworlds story. As with the last two Amalgam one shots, if you haven't read it it's totally worth checking out. And once again I leave you with a pic of an Amalgam trading card, because once again, why the hell not?

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