Sunday, October 7, 2012

Retro Review: Spawn #10.


I mentioned before that I have a deep burning hatred for Image comics, in particular early Image. I feel like those guys did tremendous harm to the comic book industry and the super hero genre. They might not have cause the speculator boom and bust of the 90's but they sure as hell fanned the fires.

But this post isn't about Image in general but about Spawn, more specifically Spawn #10. Of all the early Image properties Spawn is my favorite, of course that's sort of like being the smartest kid on the short bus. I remember a couple months ago I was watching the Spawn movie on cable with my dad. All my dad knows about comic book characters is from the movies he has seen with me. He said he thought Spawn was like Ghost Rider if it was written by a 12 year old. He's kinda right. But it was still leaps and bonds above it's contemporaries like Youngblood or Wildcats.

In this issue Spawn meets Cerebus the Aardvark, a character created by Dave Sim. I never read a Cerebus comic before this, except for the Ninja Turtles issue he guest starred in, but from what I've heard he has quite the cult following.

Our story here is, well, I'm not really sure what it is. In fact maybe I'm being to generous even calling this a story. Basically Spawn goes to hell where he sees a bunch of Marvel and DC characters, or as much as Todd can draw without being sued.

We also see a bunch of hooded men who Cerebus later explains to Spawn are the creators of these super heroes. They are here because they sold them. Superman shows up, or as much of him as Todd can show, and he gives Spawn his power in some sort of bizarre passing of the torch moment. Spawn uses that power to try and blow up this corner of hell and nothing happens. At this moment Cerebus shows up and explains this corner of hell to Spawn and takes him to see his daughter on Earth. That's the plot. And I use the word 'plot' in the loosest of ways here.

Holy fuck. You know I really heard from people this was Todd McFarlane's magnum opus. I'm sure he thinks so. This is 22 pages of seeing just how far up is own ass Todd can go. And the answer is pretty fucking far. Like 3, maybe 4 fucking feet. This is not a Spawn story. This is Todd McFarlane telling us how awesome he is, how he's not a 'sell out' like everyone else, how Spawn is the next fucking Superman, how corporations ruin comic books. This is Todd getting on his soapbox and spewing out 22 pages of shallow, self absorbed horse shit about how he doesn't let the man tell him what he can put in a comic. Like I said this isn't a story, this is Todd still bitching about his imagined slights at the hands of Marvel and patting himself on the back because he's not a sellout like everyone else.

I guess I should say something nice about this shouldn't I? Well, the cover is actually pretty cool. Cerebus had never been in a color comic until this point (I think, could be wrong) so it's a pretty imaginative cover.

Other then that, fuck this peice of shit comic.


  1. You're right. This comic was written by Dave Sim. I stand corrected. I still say this story is a confusing circle jerk about how creator owned comics are so much cooler then Marvel or DC