Monday, October 8, 2012

Retro Review: Spider-boy #1

So in a previous post I mentioned that I had ordered the two Spider-boy one shots off Mile High Comics and would review them when they got here. I gotta give Mile High credit they got them to me way faster then I anticipated. So without anymore delays let's dive into the Superboy+Spider-man Amalgam Spider-boy.

Our story begins with Spider-boy at Project Cadmus fighting the Bizarro+Carnage Amalgam Bizarnage. Once that's done Spider-boy thinks back to his origin. It seems the government was trying to clone Super Soldier. There was some sort of sabotage and the clone was let out before he was ready. He couldn't fly but he could manipulate his own gravity to stick to things and he was strong but not quite Super Soldier strong. And that's how we get Spider-boy. General Ross was working on the project and took Spider-boy under his wing, becoming his 'Uncle Gen'. After Ross was shot and killed by a robber and Spider-boy learned the old power and responsibility lesson.

We come to find out that Spider-boy has a civilian ID, Pete Ross. He works at a newspaper next to his love interest Tana Moon.

So next thing we see Spider-boy fight the Lizard+King Shark Amalgam King Lizard. Spider-boy uses some Cadmus tech to shrink him down to the microverse.

And finally Spider-boy returns to Project Cadmus where he is introduced to someone he should have a lot in common with, Mary Jane Watson AKA Insect Queen.

And that's Spider-boy #1, and it's a damn fun read. The art is done by the late great Mark Wieringo, and it's just beautiful. None of the Amalgam's were ever going to win an Eisner, but they were all enjoyable fun reads. Did I mention they were fun? And this one had a cliffhanger that really made me wish there was an issue two. If your a Superboy fan, and especially if your a Spider-man fan, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. And because I've done this with all of my Amalgam reviews, I leave you with an Amalgam trading card pic.

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  1. Don't think I have that card :P spider boy's awesome but...... still like Superboy better :)