Monday, October 1, 2012

Retro Review: Super Soldier #1

So in my last Retro Review I took a look at the Amalgam one shot Legends of the Dark Claw, this time we'll take a look at the Superman/Captain America Amalgam, Super Soldier. Super Soldier's origin, much like his costume, is mostly Captain America with a little bit of Superman.  In the Amalgam universe a rocket containing a baby, presumably from Krypton, crash lands on Earth in 1938. The infant didn't survive but they used some cell samples from it to make a super soldier serum. They injected it into a 4-F volunteer and we had Super Soldier. Super Soldier went on to beat a ton of Nazi ass until the Nazis brought out their ultimate weapon, a big fucking robot.

The Nazis sent this robot, called Ultra-Metallo, on a course to Washington D.C. Apparently not before announcing that plan since people are watching the unveiling of this robot on a new reel. Anyways Super Soldier fights the robot and they both end up crashing into the North Atlantic.

Super Soldier ended up frozen and fell into suspended animation until he was found and thawed out in modern timed by the Judgement League Avengers. If Super Soldier has pretty much they same powers as Superman then why the fuck did he even freeze? Since when is Superman fucking vulnerable to cold? Could Mr. Freeze zap him with his freeze gun and he'd be stuck like that until Batman thaws him out? Also in Captain America's origin the lab when Cap was given the super soldier serum was destroyed by a Nazi spy and the Doctor was killed so they couldn't recreate the procedure. That's why the army didn't make a whole fucking platoon of super soldiers. But here that didn't happen. So why only make one? Maybe they felt they only needed one. Maybe it worked too well, maybe they were already afraid they couldn't control one of these guys let alone a shit load of them. I mean it's not like there couldn't be good explanations for it, why not give us one?

In the present day Super Soldier basically has Superman's personal life. He works as a reporter and Sharon Carter is in the role of Lois Lane. And we have a fun little story about how Super Soldier's nemesis, The Green Skull, who is Lex Luthor and Red Skull combined, has found Ultra Metallo and we have a nice little fight. Also according to Wikipedia the Marvel half of Ultra Metallo is Ultron. I don't see one shred of Ultron in that robot's character design. Also Ultron isn't even really much of a Captain America foe. Cap has a robot foe, TESS-One.

I don't think this was as good as Legends of the Dark Claw, but this was still one of the better Amalgam one shots and, despite it's flaws, I would totally suggest reading it. Any fan of Superman or Captain America would definitely get a kick out of it. I leave you with a pic of the Amalgam Super Soldier trading card, because why not?

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