Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bechtloff Movie Night: Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

I'm honestly not all that fond of Return of the Living Dead movies but this is easliy my favorite of those movies. After working together with George A. Romero, John Russo split off to do his own thing, the Return of the Living Dead movies. These zombies differed from the ones in Romero's movies in that they retain much of their intellect and their personalities, albeit corrupted by the hunger, and they are much harder to completely destroy, if not damn near impossible. These zombies also prefer to eat brains rather then just flesh in general, although that plot point seems to be ignored in this sequel.

The story here follows two teenage lovers, the boy Curt, who is the son of an important military asshole Col. John Reynolds, and his girlfriend Julia. He steals his fathers keycard to impress her. They see all the experiments the military is doing with Trioxin, the gas that turns people into zombies in these movies. They are trying to turn the living dead into weapons and super soldiers and shit, because, hey, what the fuck could go wrong? Anyways later Curt and Julie are riding on his motorcycle when there is an accident and Julie gets her neck broken. Curt sneaks her into the lab to bring her back to life with the Trioxin, cause, again, what could go wrong right? Julie never turns on Curt, but her hunger does get the better of her and she attacks an Asian store owner as well as some Mexican gang members. Eventually the government gets Julie and the zombies she's created back to the lab. Rather then have Julie become an experiment Curt breaks in to save her. He gets bit and they decide to jump into the incinerator together, although the smoke from which possibly released a new living dead outbreak.

Every one of these movies seems to end with things completely out of hand but by the next movie everything is normal making me question whether they even are in continuity together. But since these are played largely mostly for laughs so I can't say I even give it that much thought. This one had a lot more drama, and even a romance, as the main focal points. I like that this one tried to do things a little differently, and in many ways I think it's the most compelling of the Return movies.

During the movie Julie is able to largely control her hunger by mutilating herself. Like a goth girl into cutting herself, the pain of jamming nails and glass and shit into herself seems to dull the hunger. I didn't think the zombies in these movies could even feel pain, much less that it dulled the hunger, but there you go. This pretty much has her looking like some sort of nightmarish S and M queen by the end of the movie. I'm not gonna lie though, towards the end of this movie I had quite the fearection. Maybe that's how all those teen girls feel reading Twilight.

Which is the other odd aspect of this movie. I've seen werewolves and vampires sexualized to death (no pun intended) but as far as I know this is the only movie to try and make zombies sexy. In fact, there is some, shall we say interesting Rule 34 material out there on Julie.

This is by no means a great movie, but it is an interesting one. I found my copy for like $6 used and I would say as long as you see it under $10 it's worth checking out for any horror fan.

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