Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review of the week: Marvel Universe vs the Avengers #1

This is the third Marvel Universe vs mini. We have Marvel Universe vs Punisher and Marvel Universe vs Wolverine. These take place in an alternate reality where a plague has turned people into cannibals. But this isn't a zombie story, not really. The infected are still very much alive, they are just sort of turned into cavemen for lack of a better term. Cannibalistic cavemen but still. They still retain parts of their personality but in a much more primitive sense. They even form tribes. In the Punisher mini we see Spider-man was the leader of a tribe consisting mostly of his former villains and his uninfected wife Mary Jane who sticks with him out of a combination of loyalty and protection.

This series seems to focus on Hawkeye, really it should probably be called Marvel Universe vs Hawkeye. In this issue we see the plague through Hawkeye's perspective, including a scene where he kills an infected Mockingbird. A lot of the things in this issue we had seen in the other minis, but it's nice to see then through someone else's eyes. This issue ends with Dr. Doom showing up in New York announcing he has developed a cure.

These have all been a blast. This is a very interesting alternate universe and the ideas behind breath a little new life into the tired zombie plague concept. If you haven't already read the previous minis I would suggest getting them first, they are both great reads and both available in TPB. 

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