Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review of the Week: Minimum Carnage: Alpha

In an earlier post I talked about how much I love Carnage. And I think Venom and Scarlet Spider are the best Spider-man books out there. So here we have a one shot kick starting a storyline that will run through the two books, count me in.

Our story starts out with Venom investigating Carnage's recent break out. As he studies the security tapes he finds out that Carnage was broken out by some microscopic killers. We then cut to cops at a traffic stop looking for Cletus Kasady. And sure enough they find him, I guess.

Wait, that's Cletus? I know different artists are going to interpret characters differently, but when did Cletus start looking like a middle age pedophile? It looks like his nemesis should be Detective Elliot Stabler not Spider-man.

Anyways, Cletus and his tiny friends get to a lab out in Houston that is exploring the Microverse. Scarlet Spider, who's based in Houston tries to stop him and fails. Right after Cletus goes through the portal to the Microverse and then Venom shows up, setting things up for a good old fashioned hero vs hero misunderstanding fight between him and Scarlet Spider. And that's the end of part one.

This is a decent enough story, not great, at least not so far, but solid enough. I admit I love the characters involved so I might be being too generous, but I'm looking forward to the next part and seeing where all this is going. This issue is totally worth getting, sure beats Amazing Spider-man lately. Also I don't know if Carnage's Microverse friends have been seen before or not, but I didn't recognize them.

Should I recognize them? Cause I don't.

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  1. Nah, those Microverse characters are all new.