Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review(s) of the Week: Marvel Zombies: Halloween and He-Man #3.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty burned out on Marvel Zombies at this point. What started out as absolutely amazing decayed (pardon the pun) into pretty much dogshit. I didn't even finish Marvel Zombies 5 and I almost always finish a mini series once I start one. But I saw this, and figured what the hell, it's only a one shot and I was very pleasantly surprised. This story focuses on an uninfected Kitty Pryde and her young son (Colossus is his father). They are hiding out in a farm house, just the two of them and a stray kitten they just found. When the boy finds out it's Halloween he wants to dress up, because if you can't have a little fun whats the point of staying alive. Kitty heads out into town to try to find some candy and while she's gone her son heads out to try and find the kitten who has wondered off. The son is cornered by zombified versions of Avengers Academy and Squirrel Girl. His mom shows up to help but they both end up cornered and when all seems lost they are saved by Mephisto. He says he doesn't want to see one of the last souls he could possibly corrupt eaten. Plus he is apparently as bored with the Marvel Zombies as I the reader am. Kitty, her son, and blackie the cat all make it back safely. This is a surprisingly gripping and touching survival tale. If like me you lost interest in Marvel Zombies along the way pick this up, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Check out my reviews of issues 1 and 2. So Adam continues his quest to figure out what is behind his lost memories. He is accompanied by Teela now, who is a slave girl in this remade reality. We cut to Skeletor at Castle Greyskull. He has apparently taken the castle over and that is where he has gotten the power to remake the world in his image. Adam and Teela are on a ship which is attacked by Merman. Merman manages to sink the ship and Adam and Teela are seen clinging the some floating parts of the ship, Merman apparently doesn't see them and assumes they are dead. This series continues to be solid, but is beginning to feel a little too padded. I'm still really curious to see how things resolve themselves but I wish we would move on with it a little more. Still if your not reading this you should at least check out the trade. 

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