Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some awesome Sonic the Hedgehog art.

I talked about this a little bit in an earlier post, but I recently stumbled across a Deviant Art page belonging to a Lamar Wells AKA Trunks24. He has a very impressive Sonic gallery and I just thought I'd share some of the pieces I found most impressive. First he has a few Sonic Generations inspired pieces.

I really love this one. We have modern Sonic and Tails along side classic Sonic and Tails facing the Time Eater from the game. I love the detail, the little bits of grass blowing through the air really give it a sense of "impending storm". I also am impressed with the coloring. He says on his page he just uses regular color pencils. The colors look so smooth.

This one isn't as detailed as the first, what with the lack of background and all, but I still love it. Once again I find the coloring impressive. I also feel he captures the diference between the looks of modern and classic Sonic and Tails perfectly.

This is the last Sonic Generations inspired one I'm showing here, although he has done more. Both Sonics gone super and again he captures both styles extremely well. And again I'm impressed with this guys coloring technique, and while a little hard to even see the light bits of yellow energy pouring off of them is a nice touch.

Here we have one of Sonic, Princess Sally, and Knuckles in their robotisized forms, and one of robo Sally attacking sonic.

This one of Sonic and Sally is a good example of how great this guy is with expressions, he reminds me a little of Amanda Conner in that way. The coloring isn't quite as smooth as some of his others but it's still solid.

And finally here is one of Mega Man and Sonic meeting up. Not even really one of his best to be honest, Mega Man's blaster arm looks a little messed up at the elbow, But I just had to put it on here due to how much I'm geeking out over the upcoming Sonic/Mega Man crossover. This guy has really impressed me and from what I've seen Archie needs to get this guy on one of their Sonic books.

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