Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia

I've mention before here how much I love Archie's Sonic comic book. I read it a lot as a kid. I feel out of it but returned out of curiosity and nostalgia for the Genesis story from a year or two ago. There was a lot I missed. I read this almost cover to cover in the last two days. I didn't know the planet Mobius is actually Earth in the far future. Apparently in the 21st Century Aliens had invaded and caused all life to be destroyed and then re-evolve similarly but with the obvious distinction of humanoid animals like Sonic, Knuckles, etc. I didn't know that the evil green Hedgehog Scourge was actually the evil parallel universe Sonic I had read about in earlier issues. He was apparently turned green in a failed attempt to steal the Master Emerald from Knuckle's Floating Island.

I'm glad Archie finally put something like this out. I feel a lot more caught up and in the loop again. Which is good, because that crossover with the Mega Man comic is on it's way next year, and I'm getting more and more amped as it draws near.

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