Wednesday, November 7, 2012

About last night.

Let me take a moment here to look at last night's election seriously. Don't worry I'll be back to talking about Spider-man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other more entertaining topics after this so bear with me here people. Monday I predicted Romney would win, and, much to my shock, he did not. So, what the fuck happened here? How did a President with such an abysmal record get re elected. Was it just the Obama phone crowd to which the Gimmedat party owes it's victory last night?

Well, as I thought about it today, I don't think that's entirely it. Something struck me this morning while I was listening to Glenn Beck. He was rambling on about freedom and how Obama threatens it, and I agree he does, but then Beck started talking about the couple of states that legalized pot and what a terrible thing that was. Wait a second Beck, what happened to your love of freedom?

And that's when it hit me, how could the Republican party have hoped to sell a 'small government' message to the American people when they so clearly do not believe in it? I've discussed before on this blog the schizophrenic nature of the modern conservative movement. They claim to love small government and liberty and then support things like the Patriot Act, the war on drugs, endless foreign wars, and many other decidedly big government things. Hell, some conservatives openly support banning pornography. I don't know what you call a government that arrests grown men for looking at dirty pictures, but I sure as hell wouldn't call it small.

I heard time and time again people tell me how disingenuous Romney and the Republicans seemed to them. Makes sense now that I think about it. The Republican party is many things, but it is not small government. They tried to sell the country on something they didn't really believe in and the country saw they were full of shit. Were there other factors? Of course. But this I think was a big one and it's not one your gonna hear mentioned much.

Some silver linings from Tuesday night for those who love liberty. The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got a record number of votes for the Libertarian Party. And as I mentioned above, Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana. A couple of minor victories for small government and liberty, but victories nonetheless.

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