Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Amendment missing, presumed dead.

I just read a news story this morning about a man caught on video at a bus stop with his son mocking a disabled girl by walking with a limp and patting his hand over his chest. This was caught on video and posted on youtube and the man faced criminal charges for this. He ended up sentenced to 29 days in jail.

Now supposedly there was another instance where he was swinging a chain and threatening this disabled girl's mother. If that is true he should have faced criminal charges, threats of violence are not protected speech. Making fun of someone however is. This man was charged with disorderly conduct for the bus stop incident.

Now let me be clear, this man's actions were inexcusable. Making fun of a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy is downright evil. I am glad this mother put this video on youtube and this man deserves all the social consequences that are no doubt coming his way for this.

But we have freedom of speech in this country, or at least we are supposed to. It is not, nor should it be a crime to mock someone. If freedom of speech does not include unpopular and abhorrent speech it is not freedom of speech.

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