Monday, November 12, 2012

More Rob Liefeld madness

Been a slow few days for this blog, there just hasn't been that much I've felt like talking about. So let's shit on Rob Liefeld some. Yeah I know he's an easy target, but he's just so much fun to mock.
The Infinite. A comic that died before it even finished it's first story arch. This is a comic Rob co-created with writer, and creator of the Walking Dead and Invinicble, Robert Kirkman. I have a deep respect for Kirkman as a writer. But then he opens his mouth about Liefeld and suddenly Kirkman becomes less cool. Kirkman is one of Liefeld's biggest supporters and defenders in the comic book industry. In fact Kirkman has called Liefeld the "mordern-day equivalent of Jack Kirby". What the fuck Kirkman? That's like saying the Garbage Pail Kids Movie is like Citizen Kane. Apparently even Liefelds biggest fan couldn't stand to work with the pompous douchebag and they split over "creative differences" So let's look at this cover. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the guy in the center. His arms are incredibly small compared to his torso as is his head. Also I feel like he's got way to big of a bulge. This is a common Liefeld thing. Oh and his guns look light flashlights. There's more you could point out but that's what jumps right off the page at me.

I talked about Rob's recent Deathstroke stuff on here before. Rob did both the art and the writing on it for a while so needless to say it was absolute dogshit. Well on this some of the things that stick out the most with me is Deathrsoke looks like he's about to drop that sword. Seriously how is he holding that? Also Rob can not draw a real gun. Everything looks like a flashlight, or a bullshit laser gun, or a hot glue gun, or just a pile of bullshit. That girl in red who's name I don't know or want to know , she has a lobster claw for a right hand. And what is keeping her shoulder pad on? Is it glued to her shoulder? And not to criticize her fighting style but is diving face first into your enemy really that good of a strategy? And are they both in front of a giant incinerator or furnace?

So this is a commission piece Rob did of Deadpool fighting Karate Kid from the Legion of Super Heroes. Rob says on his site it's one of his favorite pieces. I can see why, it almost looks like a real artist drew it. Almost, but not quite. First of all Deadpool isn't so much fighting Karate Kid as he is kicking the air in front of him. This is one of the biggest problems with Rob. He has no concept of how things interact with each other. Also next to Liefeld's signature he dated it 2099. Is that a joke? The Legion is from the 30th or 31st Century, not 2099.

I'm sure you could find more wrong with these pics. In fact feel free to leave comments if you see more problems. But those are just the biggest things that strike me. 


  1. 1: Deadpool's head is really fat and too small
    2: The handles on the swards are curved too much. It's a poor excuse of a boomerang
    3: Deadpool's leg by the karate kid looks off. The knee looks like it's getting eaten by the entire leg.
    4. Deadpool's belt buckle is white in the picture. It should be red.
    there is prob more but that is whatI see so far. I'll look some more though.

  2. Rob Liefeld has NO idea how the female anatomy woiks1! ;) Check out the woman on the cover of Infinite. HOW is she gettin' by without screamin' in AGONY? Women's bodies DON'T work like that, no matter WHAT your Republican leaders may want you to believe! Heh. :)