Monday, November 5, 2012

Retro Review: Birds of Prey #37

So last time I took a look at one of my favorite super heroes, the Ted Kord Blue Beetle. So now let's take a look at an issue guest starring him. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept behind Birds of Prey Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle would assemble a team of heroes to tackle various missions with her providing them the necessary info. The team usually consisted of female heroes although that wasn't always the case as with this issue with Black Canary, Robin, and Blue Beetle.

Also of note this issue takes place after the "Joker's Last Laugh" crossover even in which Joker had used his Joker serum venom to 'Jokerize' various DC villains driving them insane (or more insane as the case may be) and giving them a Joker look. At the end of that crossover Nightwing had seemingly killed the Joker.

This issue deals with Blue Beetle, Robin, and Black Canary fighting some of the remaining 'Jokerized' villains in the aftermath of that story. First they fight something called G-Nome which seemed like the DC version of John Carpenter's The Thing, then they fight a 'Jokerized' Condiment King. Yes, the Condiment King. He's holding a mall food court hostage with a bomb of, what else, mustard gas.

So while in Arkham Poison Ivy taught Condiment King all about rare and dangerous peppers and roots which he has used to make deadly spices which he sprayed out three heroes in the faces with. This is acting like an intense pepper spray incapacitating them. However Blue Beetle crawls to a near by milk dispenser.
So the day is saved, thanks to Blue Beetle and milk. A ridiculous villain defeated in a ridiculous way. This issue also had some interesting sub plots of Oracle trying to reach out to Nightwing who was still upset over seemingly taking a life. I haven't read much of Birds of Prey but this was a damn fun issue and I might have to check more of it out. This is a must read for any Blue Beetle fan.

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