Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review of the Week: Marvel Universe vs the Avengers #2.

Before you read this, check out my review of last issue. So this is the third mini series taking place in this alternate world in which a virus is turning people into cannibalistic primitive cave man types. This series is told through Hawkeye's perspective. Last issue Doom showed up in New York announcing he had a cure. This issue Doom tells them they must bow down to him before he will make the cure available. Most of the Avengers tell him to piss off, at which point Hercules shows up infected with an army of infected moleoids. The Avengers try to fight them off, without much success when Hawkeye appeals to Doom's pride to help them. Once that threat is taken care of Doom once again makes his offer to save the world if the heroes acknowledge him as Emperor. Left with no other choice the heroes bow.

The last two mini's have been good and this one is no exception. This alternate universe is very interesting so far and the cannibalistic cave man thing is a pretty new take on the whole 'zombie plauge' concept. If you're not reading this you should be. And you should check out the last two minis, both are in trade paper back right now.

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